We are a company dedicated to the collection of olive wood and its sale with more than 40 years of experience that has passed from father to son so you will never have problems with the wood that we serve will always be dry and in perfect condition for consumption without problems of ignition.


At the moment when dry wood is finished, we always inform the client so he can choose if he wants the firewood that we have at that moment.


We are a serious company, punctual, fast and without deception.
Our way of working is:
We say available time and day


We always arrive at the time we say and if we delay 20 minutes we always notify in advance. The firewood is unloaded where it has to be unloaded, we do not throw it in the door and we do it quickly. We usually serve from one day to another and if you are not happy we can remove the firewood and return the money and most importantly we always ask the measure you want for firewood so you can take advantage of the amount you buy and if any piece of firewood is large It would be changed in the next order or it could go through the warehouse for its return.




+34 650 221 768